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Monday, May 2, 2016


Abstract painting by Olivier Hijmans
Undefeated, 40x40 cm acrylic on canvas © Olivier Hijmans, 2016 
This was no easy painting, and I did almost give up halfway on this one. So I'm glad I decided to persist and struggle. We can see a little smiling candle flame courageously trying to burn it's way through several layers of obstacles. Or we can see a couple of fragile wings trying to lift a pile of basalt blocks and a giant teakwood table into the nightfall. From another angle it might be a bunch of thoughts frantically trying to cling together... Either way, this is a scene of friction and possible breakthrough. An homage to the spirit of 'never be defeated'!

With a touch of Cubism..
And for sale on Saatchiart.

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